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Monster Mix All-In-One Lean Muscle Protein Shake

Gives you a boost

Works really well, pumps me up during work out

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE


With all our food and drink being exposed to plastic , adaptophen gets us back on track to normal male health

So far 2 weeks in and it's amazing! I have been telling all my friends. Definitely going to reorder!

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!


I have a lot more energy , feeling younger"

Absolutely The Best Product In The Market!

This product is definitely a game changer. After two weeks of taking this product I noticed that my energy and stamina levels are that of a 21 yr old. I definitely noticed changes while working out. It’s like I can’t stop sometimes. I recommend this product to all.


This supplement works as advertised.

Adaptophen Review.

Got this a few weeks ago. Been using one capsule per day. So far feel better Before, during and after work outs. So far seeing good results even better passion results as well. Will continue to review and follow up

best purchase for the price

taking it for the past week, no notable change so far

My results

Feeling the difference. I definitely have more energy. Looking forward to seeing what will transition after my second batch

Very good products

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE
Timothy S Claybaugh
Too early.

Too early to rate impact . But product came on time as advertised.

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Lean Muscle Protein Shake

Enjoying the protein shake, it tastes better with milk. I have seen the results within the last 30 days. I will continue drinking the shake to get my desired results.

Good so far but pricey!

Doug Review

It seems to be providing better workouts and stamina. We are on the Third bottle. Will continue. I have these 15% discount codes and as I check out, it does not work. So, confused!

Amazing how well this product works

First I’m an older retired man with a few physical issues, but I always loved lifting weight. For several years I lifted within reason of what I could, based on my condition. I was making no gains just going through the motions. I discovered your product and have seen actual gains in size and strength to my arms chest and back as well as my leg muscles. This is only one bottle so far, I ordered a second several days ago and I am excited for it to come as if I have seen gains in the first bottle where will I be in the second.. True believer here.. I’m sold.. you folks got me I’m hooked..

Working pretty good so far!

I've been taking one daily for about 10 days now. I definitely feel/see the difference. My workouts are better in endurance, strength and overall growth in comparison to just a daily multi vitamin. Looking forward to the long term effects.

Still under review

Added to my routine 10 days ago . As a 62 year old man I'm not feeling as tired I have more energy. My exercise is starting to become more intense . Will purchase product again.

Amazing results.

Noticeable muscle growth. Increased stamina. I feel healthy and ALIVE ( 62 years old ). Thank you Adaptophen.

It works!

This stuff really works. Higher energy, increased focus, through the roof libido… it’s exactly what I wanted