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Great product

Good Results

After 2 months I’m seeing the results and feeling much less tired!

Adaptophen 2 Bottles
William J Gault
ANR Works as Stated

ANR works as stated, as it shows up in my gym routine. Will be ordering more, Thanks

It is working

This product is working better than past manufactures I have tried, but I wish it would be just a squeak better.


Honestly been very happy with this product. It has been essential to my lifting and cardio routine and I have noticed a difference. Truly.

Good results so far. Energy levels have improved significantly.

So far, so good.

Been taking the supplement for about 2 weeks. I've noticed more muscle development and especially less pain from previous muscle strains and tendon injuries so feeling good about that. I may have a little more strength and energy but a little too soon to tell. The only thing i haven't noticed is weight loss, despite a real effort to eat well (raw + organic), control portions and exercise. Looking forward to seeing how things evolve in the coming weeks-/months.


after just 10 days seeing small results in energy arrousal even a slight size increase amazing product anxious to see 30 day results and wife smiling

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!

I might be hooked.

I was skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised, Adaptophen has given me more energy and I can tell that I am getting stronger in looks and feeling. Just bought another bottle.

C9-T11 Anti-Catabolic Muscle Growth Complex

Little Change

At this point I have only taken a little over a half bottle! I think it has helped slightly ! May be too early to tell!

Great deal

Who doesn’t like free?

I really like this stuff. Good combination of ingredients in small enough doses that cycling is not really necessary. Since I’ve started Adaptophen I no longer have afternoon crashes, just a nice steady energy. My focus is a little sharper. Work outs have been very good. Buy 3 Get 1 FREE is the best way to go.

As Advertised

Strength up, and continues to improve daily Not disappointed.

Good value for the money.

Shake is great,

Haven't been using it very long, 2 weeks but I feel more energetic so I'm going to keep using the shake and I'll get back to you , I'm 64 so it might take a little longer to build muscle, but I'm working with my bow flex every day ,

Creatine that works.

Been using the Tri-phase for a few weeks now and getting noticeable results, more reps without gassing out.

It actually works!

I have been looking for something to spark some growth. I have been taking this for 14 days along with some creative and protein. I must say that I can actually see a difference in my muscle growth. I have gotten a little leaner and definitely getting stronger. I would highly recommend this. I’m going to buy more in on month since I did buy 2 bottles to start with.

Restored at 61

I have been experiencing muscle soreness near daily for the last two years, that along with fatigue and lack of focus. I have tried a number of things to remedy these issues and had only moderate success. I suspected low T was the problem and after doing research I decided to try Adaptophen. In less than a week I noticed my muscle soreness was abating and mental focus was getting better. I am now in my 3rd week and I've noticed an improvement in my fatigue issue. Also, I have had crepy skin; this too has improved.
Altogether this is a win and I'm about to order some more adaptophen.


I have to say it seems to be working great for me.

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Protein for THE JOB

Monster mix works great and giving me unprecedented results.

Your Monster

I have been using your shake, for almost a year and I am always looking forward to my next batch. It taste is. excellent and I can see the changes, it’s making in my body. Please keep up the good work.