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Have received order and started using according to directions

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Monster Muscle Building Stack HP 2.0

Price & Speed

Monster mix

Been using this mix for two weeks now and I believe it’s working. I’m feeling a little stronger at the gym. And my body is looking better as well. Been 5 weeks now and almost every other day at the gym. From a 4 year absence due to a bad fall. Wish me luck


This product is really great and works wonderful, no side effects.

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE


More energy, better mood, gains in the gym. What is not to like about this product?? Even boosts libido. Love this product

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!

Legit Products!!

I just ordered my second pro series stack, but with monster milk this time and I must say, if you’re working out and eating right, this stack 110% works! I have gained lean muscle and have way more energy and better recovery after work outs. No joke! Team ANR’s products are legit, just put in the work and you will most definitely see results within 3-4 weeks.

love it

I feel it working...more energy

Too early

Well since I've only been taking them for 2 weeks it's really hard to tell any difference yet. And I'm going to the gym 4 days a week. So I'm hopeful this product works.

So far so good , I’m starting to feel a slight change in libido.

C9T11 Muscle Growth Complex

Easy habit

Taking for two months now paired with a diet and exercise plan that works for me. Great results I can feel and friends can see

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth

good product for recovery and growth as stated.


Took a few days to kick in, but I DEFINITELY feel a difference. I'm 61 years old and find my workouts to be easier and have noticed my libido has improved. Waking up almost daily at full attention (if you know what I mean) and my wife has noticed a big difference as well. Getting ready to order another bottle. Thank you!


can feel the benefits i hope there is no adverse side effects.

Results are already seeable

I’ve only been taking C9-T11 for 9 days and already seeing noticeable fat loss and more strength. Even at 65 doing light weight lifting this stuff is proving to be something better than I expected.

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!

Psychological? Or real physical effect?

Sometimes it's hard to measure whether a supplement is doing anything for you. I work out 2 to 3 hours a day but no strength training. Couldn't do more than 25 pushups in a set. So why even deal with weights? Started using the product went to 30 pushups, then 35, then 40 pushups, and a couple of days let's try 45. So the only thing that's changed is that I'm using your product. I have a little less than 2 weeks of product and will be ordering as a dedicated customer. I'm not trying to get buffed, I'm happy with just being firm.

Just beginning to notice!

I took the shots years ago and liked the results but, life happened, and I stopped. Figured I'd try ANR due to the convince of having it here and it was #1 on reviews with the least side effects. I'm 20 days in and I can say it's much slower acting than the shots. **** drive is slowly coming back. I do notice I'm waking up with a pogo stick, been a while since that has happened. I want to say that my muscles are firming up but, that could be wishful thinking. I am pleased enough with the result that I will continue taking the pills for at least another month.

The Best

It took me more like 60 days to really feel something had changed. Muscle definition tip to toe is sharp. A calmness in demeaner is present. The weight loss from cross training has stopped but that's OK. I'm here to stay.

Delicious & nutritious!!!

A bit pricey, but worth the ingredients & nutrients.


I’m a truck driver I can really tell a difference in my energy level. Sometimes when I get home I have drove so hundred miles for that day. I am still able to keep going doing chores at home. Sometimes I go 28 to 32 hours no sleep ,really has boost my energy.