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Pro Series Muscle-Building Stack
  • $199.95
  • $119.95
Pro Series Whey Protein Isolate Fortified with ProHydrolase®
  • $79.95
C9-T11 Anti-Catabolic Muscle Growth Complex
  • $37.00
Creatine Tri-Phase: 3x Stronger Than Regular Creatine
  • $37.00
Adaptophen Men's Health Formula
  • $37.00
N02 PUMP Extra-Strength Nitric Oxide Booster
  • $37.00
Monster Punch Pre-Workout Powder
  • $37.00
Monster Pre-Workout Stack
  • $78.00
Kenya Rift Vally Reserve White Matcha Tea
  • $37.00
Get Lean Non-Stimulant Thermogenic Stack
  • $57.00



What Customers Are Saying

Real People. Real Results.

I really like Monster Mix. Has great taste and after 8 weeks of taking it, I can see the difference in myself. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone serious about working out and getting ripped.

Jay M., Shelbyville , TN

Finally a whey protein that taste great, loaded with great supplements and does not leave you bloated or crashed on the
back end. I highly recommend Monster Mix!

Derek Payne, Mustang, OK

This is a great product.  I get very good results with it.  I have
always had an impossible challenge of building my legs, especially my
calves.  I realized success with Monster Mix.

Alfred Sheffield, Tampa, FL

Getting close to my third week using C9-T11. I'm absolutely amazed at the fat burned. A toned, chiseled effect and girth that is starting to show. I swear my biceps look two times wider than they were before I started. I'm very pleased so far.

C. Heartwell, Upstate S.C.

So far so good! For a 54-year-old, I'm starting to get back the body when I was in my late 20's. Lot of time and work goes along with the
Adaptophen and Monster Mix. Best I've had so far!

David Nelson, East Weymouth , MA

I reordered later than I should have and went a few days without my daily Adaptophen supplement. I could really feel the difference. I turn 56 next week and both my physical stamina and ability to focus are affected without proper nutrition and my daily Adaptophen.

Roland Guerrero, El Paso, TX

Research Update

The latest training, nutrition and supplementation research.

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What is C9-T11

C9-T11 2.0 contains safe concentrations of several ingredients that are scientifically proven to counter the effects of cortisol to help you reach ...

Benefits of Adding Creatine to Your Diet

Unfortunately, as you grow older, the amount of creatine produced naturally diminishes. As such, it’s important to take at least 5 grams of protein...

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