New Study Shows How To Increase Muscle Growth 6-FOLD

How To Achieve 6 TIMES Greater Muscle Gains

Consuming a protein drink immediately after weight-training exercise dramatically stimulates muscle growth and repair, according to a new report from researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. In the study, a group of athletes were given either a placebo drink (no protein, carbs or fat), a carbohydrate drink (8 grams of carbs) or a drink containing 10 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fat immediately following intensive leg training exercise.

New research shows consuming a whey/carb shake immediately post workout speeds muscle growth 6-fold.

Compared to the placebo, the carbohydrate drink did not alter whole-body protein synthesis during the recovery period; in contrast, the protein plus carb drink increased leg protein synthesis six-fold and whole-body protein synthesis by 15 percent.

“These findings suggest that the availability of amino acids (protein) is more important than the availability of energy (carbs) for post-exercise repair and synthesis of muscle proteins,” conclude Dr. D.K. Levenhangen and colleagues.

What This Means to You: After you’re finished working out, don’t hang out and shoot the bull with your gym buddies. Instead, go straight home and mix yourself a protein- and carb-containing drink, like our ultra-premium post-workout shake, Monster Mix. Besides offering a blend of high-quality whey protein and carbs, Monster Mix includes 17 other tested muscle builders.

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