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Too soon to tell

After taking Adaptophen for only two weeks it's hard to tell what the final results may be but I have noticed that I've increased the amounts of weights I've been using in the gym and resistance on my Bowflex at home without any extra effort and I have been sleeping better. I'm hoping that pattern will continue.

66 and bulking up

I have only been using your product for a couple weeks, but I can feel the change when I work out. I will keep you updated.

Good Stuff

It's good and I see and feel some results but nothing major yet

Good stuff!

I am 69 years old and I am noticing results after one month. I feel great and notice increased strength. Thanks!


Thank God for Muscle Memory. I am 54 years old this year. I am growing as though I remember in my 20's. This is Real Gains with no side effects. Stay Natural no Need to seek out for any risky alternatives. These are Gains you Keep - Because you have Earned Them. So Grateful! KEEP ON GROWING! That's Life! Jeff Fitzharris

Glad I purchased

I was skeptical about these types of products. I tried it and can say that it works. At 70 years old I was experiencing lack of energy in the gym and the bedroom was not as good as in the past. Now both are really good with the bedroom being the most improved. Other than some digestive issues I love this product and will continue to take it.

Best powder combo I’ve ever used

This is the best combination powder I’ve ever used. Just have so much more energy and feel so much better after my exercises taking this powder. Never made gains like this so quickly.

It's working.

I really like, its working on my body, lm starting to see it, even though I work out 3 x aweek.


Best product I've used. Don't need my ED meds anymore!

Adaptophen 2 Bottles
Keith Bedrossian
My review

I got my groove back

Monster Mix All-In-One Lean Muscle Protein Shake

Jerry smith

Very good product I will order this again in the future.

Increased energy and strength what more can you ask at 64yrs young.
A noticeable difference in just 15 days. 2 scoops before and during workouts along with 1 capsule of Adaptophen each day. Amazing results

Love it helps to really keep your muscle


Works pretty good. A little expensive..

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!

Adaptophen 2 Bottles
larry everson

I've only been taking Adaptophen for about 8 days but I noticed I have more energy and a little more strength at 74 years old I also have more stamina. I have no jitters and I sleep great. I lift weights , bike and walk.

Really enjoyed using the product

High Potency

This product is very effective. I’ve only taken adaptophen for just a few days and at half dosage. I can already tell a big difference!

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!

As a senior keeps me pumped up and motivated

Adaptophen Muscle-Growth and Recovery Formula: Now with More Tongkat Ali!

Adaptophen Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Been taking for three week can definitely feel change in energy. Wife says that the mood has improved a lot. I like the product and would recommend.