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Commitment to Science

TeamANR is committed to providing the marketplace with credible information and quality Made in the USA supplements that enhance muscle metabolism and sports performance. We aim to foster understanding and responsible use of nutritional supplements that have been scientifically engineered to enhance the positive effects of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to be unparalleled in the knowledge of scientific nutritional research, in the design and formulation of effective and safe nutritional supplements, in the collaborative support of university-level clinical research on our products, and in the application of this research to the marketplace. Aiming to further expand and refine our nutritional and metabolic performance product line, TeamANR assigns high priority to supporting original research collaborations.

A portion of every dollar consumers spend on TeamANR supplements goes to fund additional university research that will hopefully identify new and perhaps even better drug-free ways to build muscle size and strength and enhance athletic performance.

Commitment to Quality

TeamANR's product-development partners are proud to be an NSF GMP registered facilities. We comply with the meticulous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) standards and procedures imposed by NSF International, the globally recognized public health and safety organization. Our facilities are regularly inspected to ensure that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to the most current strict NSF quality standards.

What's more, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients. As our products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities, TeamANR is subject to an inspection at any time to ensure that we meet all the current requirements and regulations.

NSF GMP registered facility


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