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By Shawn Halpern - February 2, 2022

SPECIAL REPORT: Bodybuilding Insider Exposes the Truth to Burning Loads of Nasty Fat and Packing on Slabs of Shredded Muscle!

Shawn Halpern

By Shawn Halpern - February 2, 2022


nderground bodybuilding author Shawn Halpern has been an industry veteran and prolific writer for over 15 years. In this expose, Shawn reveals a complete, natural solution for radical muscle growth. Due to loopholes in the law, it's available only to serious, hardcore lifters.

Dallas, Texas — I've been around the bodybuilding game for over a decade, and I have a secret to expose. You know all of those bodybuilding celebrity columns and articles in the popular magazines spouting so-called advice to aspiring lifters? They weren't written by the professional bodybuilders in the byline. Who were they written by?  


That's right. I am what's known as a major "ghost writer" for the bodybuilding magazines. Publishers hired me to write as various top pros, giving training advice, nutrition tips, and even information on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

What does this mean for you? I have secrets to tell. I've grown tired of the bodybuilding industry and the lies I constantly have to tell. I mean, people pay their hard-earned money to read my articles and have real goals they wish to fulfill. Guys like you work hard, eat right, and aren't seeing a fraction of the results you're looking for.

After 10+ years of the rat race, I'm sick of it all. It's time for me to come clean...  

Secret #1: Pro Bodybuilders hardly know a f-cking thing about what the average lifter needs to do to get big and ripped. These athletes are so genetically gifted and loaded up on a myriad of drugs — I mean, totally loaded to the gills, spending five figures a year on illegal hormones — that they simply have lost touch with cats like you.

Secret #2: The industry is set up to keep natural bodybuilders like you chasing your tail by following "advice" (if you want to call it that, more like disinformation if you ask me) that doesn't apply to you. And that's the rouse.

Secret #3: You can never look like a Mr. Olympia-competing pro bodybuilder no matter what you do. Ever.

While I'm letting the whole industry cat outta the bag, I'll tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The question is, can you handle it?

Yes, you cannot pull it off even if you took the same drugs these pro bodybuilders do, and trained and ate the same. 

Why? Genetics. These top pro bodybuilders are literally the genetically elite, the proverbial LeBron James' of their craft. A lot  of kids — a lot of aspiring NBA ballers — have been putting in work on the court for years, but how many end up like LeBron or Steph Curry? I'm sure you get my point.

You see, these type of pro bodybuilders have the rare ability to do the following all at the same time:

Respond extremely well to illegal & dangerous drugs

Not experience harsh side effects

Able to handle very large doses for a long period of time

Grow very easily from training stimulus

Maintain and grow crazy amounts of muscle mass (280+ in the off season)

The Problem...

You, on the other hand, cannot. It's that simple. 

What's sad is a lot of the top athletes in the sport don't even train that hard, and they aren't nearly as disciplined with their diet. If you follow any of them on social media, they're often poppin' bottles in Vegas and living the high life — eating sushi, filet mignon, and 15 fully-loaded baked potatoes a day. If you or I ate that proportion of protein to carbs, we'd blow up like a f-cking puffer fish!

Don't believe for a second that professional bodybuilders live on chicken and brown rice, don't abuse a boatload of PEDs, or train their asses off. Sure, a few do stick to their diet and lift hardcore year-round, but most? They half-ass it for one simple reason: Because they can.

So what do you do now? Just give up since there is no hope?

Hell No!

What I'm going to show you isn't how to look like some top bodybuilder with veins in his abs all the way down to his ding-dong or some other crazy sh-t that can't be accomplished without gobs of drugs and the right set of parents' DNA. 

What I am going to show you is how to maximize your potential without breaking the law, busting your bank account, or cramping your lifestyle. I will help you be the best you can be. Sure, you may never end up looking like a pro, but best believe, you'll be more than satisfied with the gains you'll make, because they'll come in a fiercely short time period. Everyone wants instant gratification, and that, my friend, is what I can deliver in spades.  

The Solution: Supercharge The POST-Workout Anabolic Response...

The most popular bodybuilding supplements today, unfortunately, are these bullshit pre-workout "nitric oxide" powders. They are marketed with tag lines like “Skin-Tearing Pumps!” and “Unleash Hell in Your Workout!"

These caffeine-loaded products claim to increase workout performance, dial-in mental focus, jack up energy levels, and boost blood flow to your muscles — all leading to shirt-sleeve-splitting "pumps"… but... what they really do is... lead to underwhelming workouts by way of caffeine crashes, stomach cramps, diarrhea, hyperactivity/ADD, and high blood pressure. And to make matters worse, they don't even f-cking boost nitric oxide levels!

A recent six-week study published in the respected International Journal of Medical Sciences found that in regular weight-training athletes (guys like you and me), pre-workout powders were "not associated with improvements in performance or body composition." Bottom line?

Ditch Your "Namby Pampy" Pre-Workout Powder & Get Serious with Your POST-Workout Nutrition...

Any Ph.D. in sports nutrition will tell you pre-workout supplements are a sham and have a nominal, if not detrimental, effect on muscle growth. The real key is HEAVY weight training (the spark) and optimal POST-workout nutrition (the gasoline). Maximize the two, and you can create a raging inferno of muscle growth.

STEP ONE: Heavy Weight Training (The SPARK): This is your job. If you're having trouble busting your ass in the gym, lifting heavy, and going all-out — well, that's a YOU problem. I don't know what it is — whether you need to stop listening to Ariana Grande during your workouts or start choosing big-boy barbells and dumbbells over machines, the bottom line is, you need to step your gym game up if you don't want to be "that guy" who wears his T-shirt in the swimming pool.

STEP TWO: Optimize Post-Workout Nutrition (The GASOLINE): This is where I come in — helping you dial in your post-workout nutrition for MAXIMUM muscle growth. If you're a serious lifter, you may have heard of the term "The Metabolic Window." This is a phrase used in strength training to describe the 30-minute (give or take, dependent on the individual) period after heavy weight-training exercise during which the right nutrition can shift the body from a catabolic state to an anabolic one.

Specifically, it is during this period that the intake of protein and carbohydrates — along with key anabolic intermediates — can aid in the increase of muscle mass.

Some exercise scientists believe the metabolic window begins to close within minutes of the end of a workout. The same nutrients taken over an hour later result in significantly reduced protein synthesis and muscle glycogen storage.

Unfortunately, most of the so-called post-workout protein powders on the market today offer hundreds and sometimes even thousands of unnecessary calories that eventually lead to unwanted increases in bodyfat.

Conventional post-workout powders offer little more than gut-busting amounts of sugar, moderate protein intakes, and insignificant quantities of metabolic intermediaries. Shovel-size scoops of powder, with hundreds if not thousands of calories, do NOT mean more lean body mass — but it can mean more bodyfat.

Serious weight-training athletes don't want to gain fat weight. They want to gain lean body mass — muscular and strong weight. Mega calories and protein overflows only slightly influence the factors that regulate lean body mass and muscle-protein synthesis.

FACT: The most potent stimulators of lean, rock-hard muscle mass are zero-calorie molecules with direct or indirect actions: clenbuterol and other beta-agonists, anabolic steroids, insulin and IGF's, and growth hormone, to name a few.

Many of these anabolic agents are effective even on low-calorie diets. However, side effects and legal concerns prevent many individuals from taking these drugs, leaving a gap in the search for a true post-workout lean-body-mass promoter.

A new, hardcore post-workout complete bodybuilding system called The Ultimate Muscle Stack (from TeamANR, a Silicon Valley Sports Nutrition start-up) was designed to fill this gap without filling fat stores and offers an advanced, university-tested formula that supports lean body mass in weight-training athletes.

The Ultimate Post-Workout Anabolic Solution...

The unique biochemical matrix of clinically proven metabolic intermediates Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Tongkat Ali Root, and Tribulus Terrestris (45% extract), along with HPLC Creatine Monohydrate (the most pure, pharmaceutical-grade creatine on the market), L-glutamine, L-arginine, Octacosanol, ZMA, and Alpha Lipolic Acid found in The Ultimate Muscle Stack was engineered to be the ultimate post-workout anabolic solution — markedly increasing muscle size and strength by up-regulating your testestorone levels, increasing growth hormone, reinforcing cell volumization, and increasing muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

What's more, the low-calorie nutrient matrix in The Ultimate Muscle Stack utilizes a propietary Branched-Chain Amino Acid Complex — a select formulation of high-quality whey and casein proteins with a reduced-lactose content, combined with moderate quantities of slow-release carbohydrates, providing a true post-workout lean mass stimulator, rather than an enormous calorie load that can favor fat synthesis and storage.

Each post-workout dose of this four-supplement stack also provides high levels of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine, and EFAs (essentinal fatty acids) to support optimal muscle and joint recovery.

The Ultimate Muscle Stack's controlled blend of macronutrients, cell volumizers, and metabolic intermediates is combined with one additional "secret weapon" ...  the inclusion of a patented protein enzyme called ProHydrolase® which is clinically proven to increase protein absorption by 300 percent. That means up to 3 TIMES MORE post-workout muscle size and strength gains.

But Don't Just Take My Word for It — Check Out This University Research...

Build Muscle While Shedding Fat: Recent university research published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows that combining the key ingredients found in The Ultimate Muscle Stack with a proper nutrition and heavy weight-training program will help you build muscle while SIMULTANEOUSLY shedding fat. Using a sophisticated technique for measuring body composition known as DEXA, results showed that the supplementation group added muscle more than three times faster than the control group. Subjects using the placebo put on almost 2 pounds of fat, while the supplementation group lost almost 3 pounds of fat.

Spike Testosterone up to 440% Post Workout: Recent research out of Kent State University shows this post-workout system's biochemical matrix had a profound effect on activating lutenizing hormones in the body, which in turn signaled testosterone production by as much as 440%.

Supercharge Post-Workout Growth Hormone: A separate study recently published in the scientific journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise showed The Ultimate Muscle Stack's biochemical matrix helped increase the muscle size and strength of NCAA athletes, while speeding their recovery time from exercise, by naturally increasing levels of IGF-1 (growth hormone) and testosterone.

Try It For Yourself 100% Risk Free While Quantities Are Still Available...

The manufacturer of The Ultimate Muscle Stack has agreed to offer my readers a full 30-day supply at a 20% discount ... while supplies last.

These stacks are flying off the shelves. ... AND with the recent supply-chain backlogs you've no doubt been reading about in the news, raw materials are becoming increasingly hard to come by. And believe me, this isn't just more "marketing hype" bullshit either.

Just look at how empty some of the shelves are at your local retail and grocery stores.

Similarly, high-quality microfiltered whey protein, HPLC creatine monohydrate, ProHydrolase, Tongkat Ali and the other adaptogenic compounds included in this stack are becoming increasingly hard to get.

I don't mean to go on a "political rant," but we didn't have massive supply-chain backlogs, $5-a-gallon gasoline, insane spikes in food prices, and hyper-inflation up the yin-yang during the last administration. Just sayin'.

Anyway, if you'd like to put The Ultimate Muscle Stack to the test and save 20% off your total order, click here and and at checkout, use code: GAINS20

Here's to the best gains of your LIFE!

Shawn Halpern

End of Special Report

Ultimate Muscle Stack - TeamANR
Ultimate Muscle Stack - TeamANR
Ultimate Muscle Stack - TeamANR
Ultimate Muscle Stack - TeamANR
Ultimate Muscle Stack - TeamANR
Ultimate Muscle Stack - TeamANR

Ultimate Muscle Stack


A Serious Stack for Serious Lifters

Have you noticed most people at the gym look almost exactly the same month after month, year after year? Maybe that's you? What's the point of investing all that time and effort if you're never going anywhere ... if you're never getting results? That's where proper, powerful post-workout nutrition comes in. It's like pouring gasoline on a spark (your workout). Without the gasoline, the spark just fizzles out like a cheap sparkler and you keep spinning your wheels going nowhere.

That's where our university-tested Ultimate Muscle-Building Stack comes in. It was specifically engineered to be the perfect post-workout muscle-growth/recovery system with the express purpose of FUELING MASSIVE GAINS.

Unlike other so-called muscle-building supplement bundles that use cheap, ineffective ingredients manufactured overseas (China) and contain just a "dusting" of supposed "active" ingredients, each of the supplements in our Ultimate Muscle Stack is Made in the USA in FDA-compliant Good Manufacturing Practices facilities subject to regular oversight. What's more, each is fortified with the same dosages used in clinical research trials. So you actually get results, not empty promises.

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